Sign Language MultiPOPᵀᴹ

Co-developed between Mindy Drapsa of Dramaski Production Company and World In Sign, LLC

Our MultiPOPᵀᴹ engine uses a picture-over-picture engine to provide a sign language window. That window provides a sign language interpretation of audio content in the main program audio/video content.

Picture on Picture of person Asia female sign language middle background of road and mountain on the video

Sign Language MultiPOPᵀᴹ

You added subtitles to your videos,
that’s enough, right? Not quite…

  • Select a preferred sign language among available sign languages (e.g., American Sign Language, International Sign Language, South Africa Sign Language).
  • Move the window to the desired location to lessen visual split attention effects between the window and the visual contact.
  •  Enlarge or reduce the window size based on the user’s preferences.
  • Change background color and transparency based on the user’s need.
  • Enable or disable the window.

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