Sign Language MultiPOPᵀᴹ

Co-developed between Mindy Drapsa of Dramaski Production Company and World In Sign, LLC

Our MultiPOPᵀᴹ engine uses a picture-over-picture engine to provide a sign language window. That window provides a sign language interpretation of audio content in the main program audio/video content.

Sign Language MultiPOPᵀᴹ

You added subtitles to your videos, that’s enough, right?
Not quite…

  • Select a preferred sign language among available sign languages (e.g., American Sign Language, International Sign Language, South Africa Sign Language).
  • Move the window to the desired location to lessen visual split attention effects between the window and the visual contact.
  •  Enlarge or reduce the window size based on the user’s preferences.
  • Change background color and transparency based on the user’s need.
  • Enable or disable the window.

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