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World in Sign™, LLC is an initiative to foster access to all levels of  society for ALL through innovation, technology and education. 

We aim to achieve a better and more sustainable life by working with sustainable development goals in mind in all our endeavors. We aim to achieve a better and more sustainable life by working with the sustainable development goals in mind in all our endeavors. We partner with businesses and communities around the world to empower populations often left behind by giving them quality access to communication and technology without any roadblocks.


WIS aims to create and foster access to all levels of society for ALL people, through innovation, technology, and education. 

Our motto, “One Technological World,” is brought to life through communication, education, visibility, and accessibility in the workplace and at home, for emergency and non-emergency situations, so people around the world feel valued and empowered to access their potential without any barriers.


WIS partners with innovative developers and thinkers to create the best technology available. Because WIS is international, we are not limited by borders to find the best team members to help us develop new technology that will improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people and people with other disabilities.

Quality Access


  • Advocate and provide products and services for people with any type of disability, and of any age, to achieve or maintain their independence and self-reliance in cases of emergency
  • Leverage the success of WIS’ Germany joint-venture, WIS-EU-GMBH, to promote in the United States, and around the world, a platform and app for video interpreting services, video relay and other services as well as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) capabilities
  • Use technology to help spur independence, market development and humanitarian assistance outcomes globally for all
  • Strengthen the openness, inclusiveness, and security of country-level digital ecosystems.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are part of WIS’s values at the highest level within our staff but also with our partners: customers, governments, businesses, universities, organizations…

We support and welcome the expertise of people of all abilities and all origins.
Relationships with all communities around the world are vital to foster access to all to better healthcare, better economics, better technology, better education and training, and better services.
Diversity and Inclusion

Our administrative team

Ramesh Mirchandani


Robert Mather

Co-Founder/Chief Legal Officer

Karunya Samuel

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Christina Schoenfeld

Advisory Board Member and World in Sign Global Technology Partner*/COO

Philippe Berthe

Co-Founder/Chief Financial Officer

Uwe Schoenfeld

World in Sign Global Technology Partner*/ President WIS-EU Gmbh*

Josie Cordero


Our team

Adeline Aileo

Executive Assistance and Public Relations Director

Helene Sudemann

World in Sign Global Technology Partner*/ Business Development WIS-EU Gmbh*

Izumi Takizawa

Media Publication Team

Mathias Schafer

Media Team WIS-EU Gmbh*

Eleanor Weeks

Administrative Assistant, Marketing

Lisa Cadwallader

Administrative Assistant

Rachelle Wood

Administrative Assistant, Social Media

Rivaj Ramjugernath

Multimedia Team

*WIS EU Gmbh = WIS’ European branch

Our interpreters

Gary Campbell

American Sign Language

David Windley

American Sign Language

(Betty) Tshepiso Mokoena

South African Sign Language and American Sign language

Our global technology partners

*World In Sign Global Technology Partner = Our partners to develop new technologies

Andreas Muchow

World in Sign Global Technology Partner*/ CEO App-Sec-Network UG/ Inventor

Max Walz

World in Sign Global Technology Partner*/ CTO App-Sec-Network UG

Thomas Bosse

World in Sign Global Technology Partner*/ CMO App-Sec-Network UG

Becky Copeland


Peter Hynes

Founder/ Owner VTCSecure

Alex Senesac

Director of QA and Customer Support/ UTCSecure

Our other partners

Steffen Helbing

Coordinator HandHelp/ WFD Committee/ CDM member Germany

Gerlinde Helbing

Ambassador* HandHelp/ Sign Language teacher

Jason Corning

Accessibility Consultant/ CEO Three Monkeys Communication

Roger Vass

Partner/ AstroBot Films

Javier Tabares

Partner/ AstroBot Films

Our ambassadors

*Ambassador = person promoting and / or advising our team thanks to their professional networking and value

Mindy Drapsa

Ambassador* WIS for Sweden

Roland Hermann

Ambassador* WIS, Switzerland

Rahul Jha

Ambassador* WIS, Switzerland

Susan Mather

Ambassador* WIS, USA

Ayesha Ramjugernath

Ambassador* WIS, South Africa

Richard Samuel

Ambassador* WIS, India
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