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World in Sign™, LLC (WIS) is an initiative to foster access to all levels of society for ALL through innovation, technology, and education. 

We believe in employing sustainable development goals in all our endeavors as we aim to empower populations often left behind through research, making innovations, and providing telecommunication technology and services so they can reach their full potential. WIS partners with businesses, individuals, and communities all around the world to achieve this goal.


WIS is a deaf-owned company dedicated to fostering access to all levels of society for ALL through innovation and technology.

Our motto, “One Technological World” is at the core of all our services. It is our way of showing our dedication to provide accessible communication technology that unites and empowers EVERYONE around the world so they can communicate and access their full potential without any barriers 


  • Advocate for and develop technological products and services to help people with any type of disability, and of any age, communicate easily, and to remove any barriers to achieving or maintaining their independence and self-reliance so they reach their full potential 
  • Foster inclusion and accessibility in all areas of society, especially in online spaces 
  • Partner with international organizations to encourage understanding and cooperation between different cultures 


Because WIS is an international company, we are not limited by borders to find the best team members to help us develop innovative new technology that will improve the lives of EVERYONE, including deaf and hard of hearing people and people with other disabilities. We partner with people around the world to develop products and services that will enable accessible communication for ALL.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are part of WIS’s core values, not only within our organization but also with our partnershipscustomers, governments, businesses, universities, organizations, etc.

We support and welcome the expertise of people of all abilities and backgrounds.  

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