Video Enabled Notifications

Distribute notifications and alerts such as WEA alerts and announcements in ASL to your customers. 

You provide the alert; WIS does the rest!

Video Enabled Notification services allow senders to send text messages in ASL.

While mass notifications such as WEA alerts are sent in text, WIS translates the message into ASL.

For most ASL users, written English is a second language with different grammar and structure than ASL; add the extra difficulty of text abbreviations used in most SMS messages, and there’s huge potential for confusion.

WIS records ASL translations with captions and voice-over to include them as a link for these messages to be fully accessible.

Who is it for?

  • Marketing notifications –
    new products, sales, limited inventory
  • Payment confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Government Entities
  • Push important information during a crisis
  • Emergency weather updates
  • Coordinate workers and volunteers
  • What does Video Enabled Notification look like?

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