Add a remote sign language interpreter easily whenever you need one!

If you’re carrying your mobile phone, tablet, or a computer, you’ve already got a sign language interpreter with you. 

Here’s a look at what WIS Video Remote Interpreting can provide for your organization:

Why VRI?
  • Cheaper:
    • No transportation cost
    • No 2-hour minimum
  • No shortage of interpreters:
    • Interpreters can be located anywhere
  • Availability:
    • 365 days/year; 24/7 (by appointment)
  • Tailored to your needs:
    • Specific areas of expertise
    • Specific language combinations
    • Specific certifications
  • Easy:
    • Interpreters adapt to your preferred platform
  • Options:
    • All participants are remote
    • Only the interpreter is remote
VRI is perfect for:
Medical practices (doctor, dentist, eye doctor, etc.)
Law firms
Schools, classes
Business meetings
Staff meetings
Service providers
And more!

Have Any Questions?

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