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Fast emergency rescue is now in your hands – without a phone call, without speaking, without knowledge of your precise location.

The most important treasure that we ALL possess is our health and our life!

Therefore it is very important to get fast help at any time. But what do you do if:

  • you can’t speak without risking your life?
  • you don’t know exactly where you are
  • you can’t speak because of pain or shock
  • you don’t know the language used by the emergency services?
HandHelp™ has solved this for you and your loved ones!
In an emergency, the system alerts your trusted third party contacts within seconds and gives them all the information necessary to come to your rescue.

An App: HandHelp™ Life Care

Direct notification to Emergency Services as well as pre-listed ICE (in case of emergency) contacts:

  • Patient information (pre-filled) with pre-existing health conditions
  • Accurate location via GPS, GSM radio networks, and WLAN technology
  • The W questions: Who, Where, When, How many, What
  • Sound recorded from the phone (14 seconds): emergency services can hear if there is a fight, gun shots, etc.
  • Photo taken by the phone: emergency services can see what is happening around the phone

Presentation sheet to download

*some countries have different numbers for police and other emergency services (firefighters and/or paramedics), hence the two labels on the app "Police" and "Rescue".

HandHelp button

Mobile Emergency Button

Because in an emergency, every seconds counts: get help at the press of a button!

  • Connected to the app and phone
  • Personal (individual ID number, useless if stolen)
  • Carry your guardian angel with you and alert your helper network without using the app
  • Even for deaf-blind people and therefore for other people in the world, this emergency call button is indispensable in an emergency situation to get help as quickly as possible.
With the mobile HandHelp™ emergency call button, you can now always carry a tool for extra safety with you in dangerous emergency situations – worldwide! Wear it on your clothes, bunch of keys, etc. or place it where it makes sense for you. It is easy to use and must be connected to the emergency apps of HandHelp™ via Bluetooth.

Other equipment available

Life Care SOS Station
Other equipment available
HandHelp Life Care picture

Our Services

An App

An App


A video call platform

A video call platform

No more need for multiple video platforms (skype, zoom, FaceTime, Hangout, What’s App…) or video phone numbers for all the different softwares your customers use.
Your deaf and hard of hearing customers can call you on video directly from their devices (through their internet or data plan) by simply clicking on a button on your website.


You want a simple system to allow video communication on your devices that is versatile and you can expand on as your need evolves?
We have solutions for you!
Interpreter Services Platform

Interpreter Services Platform

To support the signing community in emergency situations, we provide trained interpreters to facilitate communications with emergency services.
These services are also available for non-emergency situations.


We have the resources to help you make your online teaching and training accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community.
  • Looking for a teacher/trainer who can teach a specific subject directly in Sign Language for your deaf and hard of hearing customers or employees? Live or recorded?
  • Looking for an interpreter on a specific topic to join your live or recorded teaching session?
Contact us with your specific needs and we will find the right solution for you.

Job placement

As we grow, dedicated, talented, and skilled team workers are needed. We will hire within the communities we work with.
One of the long-term goals of WIS is to provide training for people with disabilities to eventually join the emergency alert services teams around the world. Emergency situations are always stressful and knowing that someone from your own diverse community is on the emergency alert services team could alleviate some of the worries of miscommunication and misunderstandings often happening because of community/cultural differences.

Interested in our services? We’re here to help!

We want to know your needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution. Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to help. 

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