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World In Sign is a new company and is currently seeking a video director.

Video directors must have exceptional leadership skills and the ability to give orders and delegate work. Directors need to be creative and have an understanding of how to use the video equipment on set. It’s essential that video directors have strong communication skills and are able to meet deadlines and stay organized. Video directors must excel in time management, meet deadlines, and handle the stress involved with this profession. They can lead and motivate and have excellent organizational and planning skills.

Day-to-day life as a video director for WIS is about making short videos for advertisement, short documentaries, marketing videos, etc. that includes sign language, voice, music, and images. They work side by side with the company’s designer and PR director to adapt to the company’s brand and philosophy. They use their creativity to translate the company’s vision into video. They handle projects from story boarding to editing.

Responsibilities and Duties

To provide high quality video service to the company.

  • Read scripts and develop storyboards
  • Write and edit scripts as needed
  • Meet the team and prepare budget
  • Decide on filming locations if necessary
  • Liaise with crew about technical requirements (e.g. lighting and camera movements, sound recording requirements, set dressing, vision effects and graphics and transitions)
  • Prepare a carefully calculated shooting schedule ensuring deadlines and budget requirements are met
  • Guide the production team ensuring all members are in sync with the program’s requirements
  • Incorporate creative ideas to achieve the best possible visual result
  • Supervise editing to make the final cut
  • Ensure that the final program is faithful to the original concept
Education, experience, technology and, skills
  • Proven experience as a director required
  • Demonstrable portfolio of video work accomplished
  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn American Sign Language
  • Proficiency in digital technology and editing software 
  • Familiarity with camera operation, sound systems, special effects and music editing
Job Type

By project


Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area
Remote and on-site


Based on project, diploma, experience and skills

How to Apply?

Complete an on-line application (click below) and attach a resume/CV and cover letter with the position title, copies of transcripts (official transcripts required upon hire) and/or certifications and licenses.

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