Breaking Down Barriers, One Conference at a Time

Breaking Down Barriers, One Conference at a Time We, at World In Sign, believe that everyone should be included when it comes to access. That’s why we partnered with for the AccessibilityPlus conference 2021 to provide ASL interpretation.’s mission is “to create objective and trustworthy information and resources to become a catalyst for […]

WIS Partnership with Deaf In Government

World In Sign, LLC announces Partnership with Deaf In Government Earlier this month, World In Sign (WIS) and Deaf In Government (DIG) signed an Exchange of Services Contract. DIG is a non-profit with the mission to empower Deaf and Hard of Hearing Government Employees at the local, state, and federal levels. They address communication barriers, […]

WIS and World AIDS Day

WIS and World AIDS Day World AIDS Day is a way to help raise and spread awareness about HIV around the world. In an effort to help do that, World In Sign’s staff member Ayesha (she is also manager of World In Sign, South Africa), created and shared a video talking about HIV and the impact that Covid-19 has had on it.  Watch the video provided below: 

Press Release, March 2021

Accessibility has a new partner in town World In Sign, LLC is Up And Running for MD, The USA, And the World Silver Spring, MD: After months of developing our products, services, marketing strategy, and building up our foundation, World In Sign, LLC (WIS) has started its outreach and is ready to offer our services […]

WIS Broadcast Release

WIS Broadcast Release On November 20th, 2020, World In Sign released a huge announcement live on social media. WIS revealed new products and services offered such as video remote interpreting services and webinar management for conferences, trainings, broadcasts, and more.   To view a replay of this special live event, please watch the video below:

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