World In Sign Takes Over France and Florida


World In Sign was recently in two different places at the same time – Reims, France and Orlando, Florida. How was that possible, you may ask? Magic of course! Just kidding – our incredible team split up and were exhibitors at the Clin d’Oeil Festival (France) and the 2022 NAD Biennial Conference (Florida). Determination and motivation drove the WIS Team to create the successful trips!

Here’s more on each event:

Reims, FranceThe city of Reims was looking beautiful as ever! With breathtaking architecture, restaurants with impeccable taste, and a blanket of anticipation – the festival was bound to create a positive energy flow for all guests. The Clin d’Oeil Festival, ran by David de Keyzer and Philippe Berthe, had a whopping 18,000+ visitors in the 4-day event! People from all over the world celebrated and immersed themselves in the sign language arts. Their time and effort were poured into producing an incredible time for all participants. To that, we applaud them!

The festival itself was filled with incredible talent, delicious food, and extraordinary businesses that showcased their products and services – including ours. Uniting and reuniting with fellow colleagues made the trip that much sweeter which also allowed a smooth workflow.

Orlando, Florida – Palm trees, beautiful weather, and a busy city generated a paradise for this special event. The WIS Team showed pure excellence and dedication at NAD’s 56th Biennial Conference! We would like to give a huge thanks to the team for their blood, sweat and tears poured into this event.

The 4-day conference included exhibits, workshops, and networking – making it a wonderful time for everyone. Many visitors came to the WIS booth and were intrigued at what services we offer – MultiPOP™ and Smart VI. Overall, our time in Orlando was naturally victorious and we are very thankful to have been a part of this event!

World In Sign Takes Over France and Florida
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