Partnering with World Federation of the Deaf

In early September, World In Sign (WIS) and World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations.  

The WFD is the world’s oldest international NGO representing the human rights of all deaf people, led, and constituted 100% by deaf people. The WFD has 127 Ordinary Members (National Associations of Deaf people of 127 countries worldwide). Its vision is to achieve the full exercise of Human rights for deaf people including recognition of their sign languages in all aspects of life. Its mission is to work for the realization of deaf people’s human rights, and their full access to sign languages in partnership with the United Nations and its agencies, national organizations of deaf people, and relevant stakeholders.  

The Memorandum states that the two organizations will work together towards their common objectives of promotion of sign language rights, deaf rights, and deaf communities’ empowerment and promotion, including access to education and information through technology and sign languages. 

We are excited about partnering with WFD, building our relationship, and working together going forward.  

Partnering with World Federation of the Deaf
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