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Multi-Channel Telecommunications & Emergency Alert Services. We provide B2B and B2C services to meet your needs.

This video presents the company World In Sign: its philosophy, products, services, and goals. The video is in International Signs and voice-over in English. Subtitles are available in English, French, and German.

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A Few Definitions

Telecommunications Relay Service is a telephone service that allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls*.
*definition from the FCC
Our system allows for:
  • Video Relay Service (VRS)
  • Real Time Captioning
  • Automated Speech Recognition
  • 2 and 3 Way Video Calls
  • Emergency calls with VRS
We offer partnerships to companies and universities wishing to make available emergency alert services to their Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees and students.
We offer partnerships to foreign companies wishing to offer our technology and services to their own clients and own country across the world.
For Deaf and Hard of Hearing, we offer Telecommunication Relay Services.
For all people, with and without (visible and invisible) disabilities, we offer emergency alert technology and products.
WIS users may happily use many different modes of communication. It may be a combination of voice, sign language, text, pointing to pictures or photos or objects, or any
combination of them.
Our system supports:
  • Text
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Email
  • Pictures
HandHelp™ – Life Care emergency button: pre-programmed button that sends GPS coordinates to emergency alert services, emergency alert contact and interpreter (if needed) when an emergency situation occurs
HandHelp™ – Life Care emergency app: on your phone, wearable, tablet, etc. Contact emergency alert services without using your voice by clicking on your communication system.
Emergency calls with VRS and IP-CTS services: Deaf and Hard of Hearing people call emergency services directly using their preferred way of communication.
Targeted Demographic
For ALL: anyone can request a button or wearable, regardless of their abilities, languages, origins. It works for all. Anyone can download the app to use it when needed. This can also be extremely beneficial to people suffering from domestic violence. For Sign Language users: sign language native speakers usually struggle to make calls in their daily life, but the restriction to only use voice to call emergency services is an extra challenge in their life that can cost lives. WIS provides the ability to contact emergency alert services without needing to make a phone call and by sending the emergency information to the emergency alert services, the emergency alert contact (pre-programmed) and the preferred interpreter (pre-programmed). When a sign language user is in an emergency situation, they will no longer struggle to communicate their issues as an interpreter will be automatically sent on site or reachable via video.

For Deaf and Hard of Hearing: this population has various phone communication needs, some use VRS and some use IP-CTS technology. Some use VRS and like to have text (via speech recognition) at the same time, and some also wish to see the person they are talking to.

For seniors living alone: for participating states or agencies, seniors enrolled in a “senior call check” program just need to press a button once a day to let the program know they are well.
If the button is not pressed in a timely manner, the program will follow its own guidelines (call an emergency contact, call a non-emergency service, etc.)
  • Healthcare providers
  • Deaf organizations and companies
  • Public administration
  • Customer services
You can see and/or hear the “caller” directly on your device (no need to invest in any more tech). You don’t need to share a phone number. A “call button” placed on your website will widen the possibility and ease for people to reach you when they need.

Our motto, “One Technological World,” is brought to life through communication, education, visibility, and accessibility in the workplace and at home, for emergency and non-emergency situations, so people around the world feel valued and empowered to access their potential without any barriers.

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